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Q: What does Unibind offer me?
A: Unibind offers you the chance to make a difference in first impressions. A professional impression differentiates you or your company from the competition and drives business results! You never have a second chance to make that first impression. Professional–looking documents with a Unibind perfect bound cover communicate a professional perception.

Q: Who is Unibind?
A: Unibind is specialized for almost 30 years in the design, manufacturing and distribution of document, photo prints and calendar binding systems. It is an innovative family company, recognized as the world leader in printed presentations. It is our mission to provide customer friendly premium products and services which contribute to the improvement of communication between people.

Q: Why choose Unibind?
A: Unibind is the worldwide market leader in printed document presentation systems. We offer:

  • Patented and innovative products
  • Over 30 years of expertise
  • Various and flexible solutions
  • A proud feeling when presenting your document

Q: How do I know which product suits my presentation need?
A: First of all, we would like you to reflect on what document you want to present. In the main navigation, you can see that we made some access points to our products. Choose the ‘My Application’ entry and find related applications. We will guide you to the necessary products.

Q: I know what products I could use. But how do I choose from the various choices?
A: You could contact our sales (link contact) for some help. In general our products are rather similar. But you will see a difference in ‘Binding Method’. This means that e.g. a photo book with ‘resin binding’ looks almost the same as a photo book with ‘staple binding’. The choice is up to you.

To summarize your options we wrote down a small resume of the binding method.

Resin SteelBinding
A strong and quick quality bond
The Resin SteelBinding system binds documents or photo books without any effort in no time. The heating compartment starts up fully automatic, needs no warm-up time and can bind several documents simultaneously. The steel spine at the back of the cover allows the paper edges to completely sink into the molten resin. The result is a super-strong and permanent binding quality. By reheating a bound document or photo book, editing pages can be done quickly and easily.

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Punch SteelBinding or WireBinding
A strong and classic looking bond
The Unibind Punch SteelBinding system binds your documents or photo prints with the highest precision and quality. This wire binding system is very suitable for thick, non-flexible photo paper that needs to lay open flatly. The detachable punching dies allow you to punch any document format and the binder is maintenance-free. Editing can be done quickly and easily. The result is a perfectly bound hardcover book that is protected and presented with the highest quality finishings.

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Staple SteelBinding
A quick and easy, permanent bond
Our Staple SteelBinding system is the perfect solution for binding documents or photo prints at home. You simply need to bind your prints with your stapler, and then place the bundle in one of our Staple SteelBinding covers. Enclosed self-adhesive strips conceal the staples, so your prints are bound in no time and are professionally displayed.

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ColdBinding or Peel & Stick
A quick and easy bond
Our ColdBinding system is the perfect solution for binding documents or photo prints at home. You simply need to remove the foil of the inside of the spine, place your papers and wait for the glue to dry. This option is as easy as Peel & Stick.

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A quick and easy to edit system
Our SlideBinding system is the perfect solution for binding documents that need constant editing. You simply need to slide out the interior of the spine. Click it open and add perforated papers. Close the system and slide it back in the spine. It is easy and flexible.

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Use of our products

Q: How many pages fit in each spine size?
A:  Standard spine widths range from 1mm to 36 mm. Sheet capacity is based upon 80GSM paper. The use of heavier paper will call for a wider cover to be used.

Use the below table for reference binding 80GSM paper:

spine sizes

Tip: Use the spine measurer to select the right size cover for your document or photo prints

Q: How long do the bound covers have to stay on the cooling compartment before I can use them?
A: Most applications will be ready for use after 2 minutes of cooling. For spine sizes above 15mm it is recommended to allow more time for cooling. The wider a document is, the longer time will be needed for the document to cool to room temperature (i.e., for maximum binding strength). For photo applications or for use with paper thicker than 80GSM, it is also advisable to allow more time for cooling.

Q: Where can I find the on/off switch on the machine?
A: There is no on/off switch on the Unibind systems.  The Unibind machines for Resin SteelBinding work full automatic once they are plugged in. In contact with the steel spine of the cover, the machine starts up automatically and needs no warm-up time. Because of the heat, the resin inside the book melts. The steel spine prevents it from being absorbed by the finishing material, so the paper edges can sink into the heated resin. When the machine stops heating, the resin cools down and captures the pages. Even when the cover remains standing on the heating compartment, the machine will switch off automatically.

Q: Can I edit the bound document once it's bound?
Q: My document contains a mistake. Can I correct this document?
Q: I forgot to bind a page in my document. Can I still add it to the bound document?
A: Yes, all machines (except for Staple or Cold Binding systems) have an edit feature which allows you to remove or insert pages.

For Resin SteelBinding
To do so, position the bound cover on the heating compartment and wait for the indicator light to turn green. The molten resin allows you to add pages to and/or remove pages from the cover. Tap on the documents to ensure that all of the sheets make good contact with the adhesive in the spine. After the binding heat sequence, let the rebound document cool down again for a secure binding. When adding pages, it is recommended to keep in mind the sheet capacity of the used cover (spine size).

For Wire SteelBinding
Reopen the wires and remove/add the papers concerned. Next, close the wires.

For SlideBinding
Slide out the spine with the documents. Open the clip. Remove/add the pages concerned. Close the clip and slide it back into the spine.

Q: I have to bind regularly more documents at once. Is there a way to speed up the binding process?
A: The compartments on the Unibind machines are designed to easily fit the largest spine size i.e. 36mm cover. When using a smaller spine size you will still have space left on the binding compartments which allows you to add additional covers to the same compartment. For example, you can fit up to eight 1mm covers on the same binding compartment. The only requirement is that you place all covers at the same time on the compartment; otherwise the covers added last might not have had enough time to secure the document in the resin.
Evidently the type of your Unibind machine also plays an important role when looking at its capacity. When buying a bigger Unibind system e.g. the Unibind XU338, you will be able to benefit from the above-mentioned binding capacity on all three binding compartments (for example, you can bind up to twenty-four 1mm covers at the same time on a XU338). Do you want more… maybe it is time to meet your representative for a special offer!

Q: Can I use any kind of paper in my Unibind system?
A: Yes, the Unibind SteelBinding technology allows you to bind every type of office and photo paper. The sheet capacity of Unibind binding covers is based upon 80GSM paper. The use of heavier paper will call for a larger spine size to be used and might require a second binding run to safely secure all paper in the resin.

Q: When using Staple Binding, where should I staple on the endsheets my pages for best binding results?
A: Included in the retail packaging of our Staple SteelBinding solutions is an instruction sheet with indicative stapling holes. Placing this sheet on top of the bundled pages between the two endsheets will indicate the appropriate place for stapling.

Q: I am thinking of purchasing the Transfer Press. What type of printer do I need to use for printing on the transfer paper?
A: The transfer paper cover is generally not suited for Inkjet printers. It is developed for use with a digital printer which must be able to handle coated glossy paper quality. We recommend using the OKI C5000 series for optimal results. It is always best to test a sample to see if the result matches expectations. Please note that if the printer used is not suited / specified for the defined paper quality, and as a consequence the printer performance is compromised, Unibind cannot/do not accept liability.

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